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How do I become a member of DAR?

To inquire about membership in the Thomasville Chapter, NSDAR, contact the chapter. For membership information regarding the National Society DAR, visit the National page on membership.

  • There are more than 190,000 members.
  • 3,000 chapters exist in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.
  • International chapters are located in countries around the world, including: Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, France, Germany, Guam, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and the United Kingdom.
  • More than one million women have joined the DAR since it was founded.
Eligibility for Membership:
  • Any woman 18 years or older, regardless of race, religion, or ethnic background, who can prove lineal, bloodline descent from a patriot of the American Revolution is eligible.

There are thousands of proven patriots that may allow you to utilize other members research to simplify your application. Below is a list of DAR Patriots that the Thomasville Chapter members are descended from and who are proven patriots.  If you see an ancestor name from your line, contact us - you probably already have a relative who is a member.  Let us help you with your application to become a member.

Akridge Abel SC
Alderman Daniel NC
Alderman David NC
Alderman John NC
Alexander John NC
Anderson George SC
Arthur Thomas VA
Baker Benjamin GA
Ball John VA
Barr James NC
Barwick William NC
Baskin William SC
Beall Thaddeus MD
Beaver Robert GA
Bellinger William SC
Bentley Gideon RI
Berry Francis VA
Birdsong James VA
Blackshear Alexander NC
Blackwell Robert VA
Bland Richard VA
Blassingame John SC
Booker John Eaton VA
Boone Samuel MD
Bowen Samuel NC
Bradshaw Benjamin VA
Bragdon Joshua MA
Brand John PA
Brewster Stephen CT
Bright, Jr. Michael PA
Britton Zeboeth PA
Brown William SC
Browning George NC
Campbell Laughlin NC
Candler William GA
Carter George SC
Chaffin Francis MA
Chaires Joseph NC
Chapoton Jean Baptiste VA
Childs John SC
Christy Bedford VA
Clarke, Jr. Charles VA
Clay David NC
Cochran John MD
Cole William VA
Cone William GA
Connell John GA
Dakin Elisha NY
Dame George VA
David Isaac VA
David Peter VA
Davis Edward GA
Doolittle Joel CT
Dye Avery NC
Easterling Henry SC
Easterling James GA
Farley Thomas VA
Eidson James SC
Fall George NH
Fitzpatrick Benjamin VA
Fleming James SC
Foght George PA
Frank John NC
Freeman Samuel NC
Froman, Sr. Paul VA
Gignilliat James SC
Gladney Richard SC
Green Peter VA
Gregg, Jr. John SC
Griffin James NC
Grubbs, Sr. Enoch SC
Guerrant John VA
Guerrant Peter VA
Hadley Simon NC
Hall Lewis NC
Hamlin Richard GA
Hamilton Stewart NC
Hammond Paul NY
Harris, Jr. John SC VA
Harvey John NC
Hatch Phillip MA
Haygood Benjamin NC
Hill, Sr. Abraham NC
Hite Jacob, CS VA
Hollingsworth Zebulon NC
Hollister Eluah Strong CN
Hutto Henry NC
Ingalls James PA
Ivey Ephraim VA
Jones Asa CT NY
Jones Ethelred MA
Jones James GA
Kidd John SC
Kolb Peter SC
Langhorne William VA
Laughter George SC
Lawson Hugh GA
Lee Moses SC
Lewis Richard VA
Little James GA
Little Peter NC
Little William GA
Love Amos NC
Lowery Levi SC
Lynn Andrew PA
Magruder Ninian MD
Mays Matthew VA
MacMurphy Daniel GA
Maury Abraham VA
McArthur Daniel NC
McCall James NC
McElhannon John PA
McFarland James GA
McLewrath Robert SC
McMullen John VA
Moore John NC
Moore Matthew NC
Morgan William GA
Morton Oliver GA
Murray John NC
Myatt Matthew NC
Norton William SC
Parsons Joseph NC
Pass Nathaniel NC
Patterson Robert GA VA
Penn George VA
Perkins, Jr. William VA
Pettigrew John SC
Pidcock Charles NJ
Pittman James GA
Pollard William VA
Pomeroy George PA
Poor Robert VA
Powel Benjamin PA
Puckett John GA
Quatterlebaum Johannes SC
Redfern John NC
Reed Samuel CT
Register Benjamin NC
Roberts Lemuel CT
Roddenberry George SC
Rogers Hugh NC
Rumph, Jr. Jacob SC
Seale Charles NC
Shawhan Daniel MD PA
Shelley Samuel NC
Simms Martin SC
Simms Nathan SC
Singletary Joseph E. NC
Singletary Josiah NC
Solomon Lazarus NC
Spearman John VA
Spooner Zoeth MA
Springfield Laodicea Dicey Langston SC
Stallings Jesse GA
Stanton John NC
Stapleton George Lawson GA
Steed, Sr. John VA
Steele Isaac SC
Stimson Alexander VA
Stimson David VA
Strong Charles SC
Sullivan Samuel SC
Sumner, Sr. Joseph GA
Swilley Samuel SC
Thomas William NC
Tillman Joshua NC
Tondee Peter GA
Torrence Thomas NC
Treutlen John Adam GA SC
Turner John SC
Underwood Joseph VA
Vinton Josiah MA
Walker John Hoge PA
Warren, Sr. Phineas MA
Watts Thomas VA
Way Moses GA
Weathers John NC
Wetherbee Lewis NC
Weeks Silas NC
Whelchel, Jr. Francis SC
Whelchel, Sr. Francis SC
Whitaker Hudson NC
Wiggins William GA
Wilkinson William NC
Williams Jonathon CT
Willis James NC
Wills Edward VA
Withers John NC
Witherspoon, Sr. John NC
Womack Abraham GA
Woods Samuel MA


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